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Louis Walsh seen exiting Brown Thomas carpark driving a Maserati, Dublin, Ireland - 16.08.16. Pictures: Jerry McCarthy / VIPIRELAND.COM **IRISH RIGHTS ONLY**
16.08.16 - Louis Walsh, Maserati
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Added: 16.08.16

Irish Billionaire investor Dermot Desmond spotted in his luxurious Porsche Panamera sports car at The Merrion Hotel, Dublin, Ireland - 18.05.12. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM
18.05.12 - Dermot Desmond, Porsche Panamera
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Added: 19.05.12

Exclusive Allround: Former Miss World Rosanna Davison seen driving her Audi A4 convertable car at St Strephens Green, Dublin, Ireland - 29.04.11. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM
29.04.11 - Ex: Rosanna Driving Audi
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Added: 29.04.11

Exclusive Allround: Boyzone's Shane Lynch arrivies at ITV2 to film 'Celebrity Juice' in his matt black modified Mercedes ML car, London, England - 20.04.11. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM
20.04.11 - Ex: Shane Lynch at ITV2
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Added: 20.04.11

Exterior views of Toni&Guy salons (Dame Street & Clarendon Street) and HMV Grafton Street after it was announced today that stores will be closed and jobs will be lost at both companies, Dublin, Ireland - 05.01.11. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM
05.01.11 - Toni&Guy & HMV Shopfronts
3 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 05.01.11

The beachfront French Riviera holiday home U2 frontman Bono in Eze-sur-mer, Nice, France - 12.06.10. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM
12.06.10 - Bono's Holiday House, France
2 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 13.06.10

Car Dealer Des Cullens' Ferrari 575 Maranello F1 (159,950 Euro)  crashed in Sandyford Industrial Estate just before 12 noon today. It hit a blue Peugeot 307. Dublin, Ireland - 10.03.09.
10.03.09 - Ferrari 575 Maranello F1 Crash
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Added: 14.03.09

The Stokes Brothers, aka Christian and Simon, have opened the doors of their new private members club on St Stephens Green called 'Residence'. The brothers will be able to keep an eye on their other business concern 'Bang Cafe' as it's on the same block and only a few doors away... Dublin, Ireland - 19.06.08.
19.06.08 - Residence Opens With A Bang!
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Added: 21.06.08

EXCLUSIVE ALLROUND: U2 frontman Bono emerges from the 'Town Bar & Grill' restaurant at 5am looking a little unsteady on his feet and heads for his waiting Maserati sports car. The singer was at an afterparty for The Late Late show which apparently erupted into a traditional Irish sing-song, Dublin, Ireland - 23.02.08.
23.02.08 - Bono Leave Town Bar & Grill at 5am
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Added: 25.02.08

Shane Filan left the recording of RTE's Westlife Christmas Special carrying his wife's handbag, Nicky Byrne was carrying his twin sons Rocco & Jay, Mark Feehily's father Peter was carrying his son's Pug dog 'Saffie' while Louis Walsh left with Bubble Hits boss James Hyland, Dublin, Ireland - 21.12.07.
21.12.07 - Westlife Record Christmas Special at RTE
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Added: 26.12.07

EXCLUSIVE ALLROUND: Irish singer and songwriter Brian McFadden returned from Australia with a new blonde hairstyle. Spotted filling up with fuel at a petrol station, it looks like the singer has packed on a few pounds, London, England - 23.10.07.
23.10.07 - Brian McFadden Goes Blonde
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Added: 26.10.07

EXCLUSIVE ALLROUND: U2 frontman Bono signs autographs for waiting fans as he leaves his Hollywood hotel in a big black gas-guzzler, Los Angeles, California - 11.10.07.
11.10.07 - Bono Meets Fans in Hollywood
6 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 15.10.07

Louis Walsh, Ronan Keating, Mikey Graham, Keith Duffy, Leo Ihenacho (from The Streets) and other guests arrive in their cars at the Wedding of former Boyzone star Shane Lynch to Sheena White. The staff of the Kinnitty Castle Hotel kindly laid of tea and sandwiches for the waiting Paparazzi, Kinnitty Castle Hotel, Co. Offaly, Ireland - 22.08.07.
22.08.07 - Shane Lynch Wedding at Kinnity Castle
17 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 25.08.07

EXCLUISVE ALLROUND: Brian McFadden needs to go back to celebrity driving school  for the worst parking we've ever seen! Not only was his gas guzzling Cadillac Escalade parked diagonally on a curb; on double yellow lines; and blocking an emergency access - its tax disc is out of date, by a three years! Someone in Barnes, south west London obviously grew fed up of the eyesore blocking their road and alerted DVLA officials who raced down to plant a ticket on the big black monstrosity. Fortunately for the former Westlife crooner - he has spies in the area who tipped him off, and he raced to the scene on a nippy moped and, with lashings of Irish charm and a fat cheque-book, secured his 4x4's release, London, UK - 17.08.07.
17.08.07 - Brian McFadden Gets Clamped
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Added: 21.08.07

Girls Aloud's Nadine Coyle seen going to her local tanning shop. Nadine, who recently split up from Desperate Housewives heartthrob Jesse Metcalfe, reportedly said that she's going to concentrate on making money rather than finding a new man... well, it looks she is working on it living a budget life: buying Philadelphia and Pitta Bread, investing on cheap tanning sessions, not driving the flashest Mercs and is that bag made of faux-leather? Take example, girls! But do not talk on the phone whilst driving, please! London, UK - 07.06.07.
07.06.07 - Nadine Coyle On An Economy Drive
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Added: 13.06.07

EXCLUSIVE ALLROUND: Westlife's Nicky Byrne and his mother Yvonne, Ruby Wax with her foot in a bandage and in a wheelchair, former Eastenders actress Patsy Palmer, and X Factor runner up Ben Mills are all guests on The Late Late Show at RTE Studios. Louis Walsh's red Wrangler Jeep was also parked outside, Dublin, Ireland - 27.04.07.
27.04.07 - Wax, Byrne, Mills & Palmer Late Late
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Added: 29.04.07

Kerry Katona and husband Mark Croft take a trip to Wigan to pick up Mark's new black Yamaha R1 Motorcycle. Then, after Kerry follows Mark to a relations, where they drop off their new baby for the afternoon, they returned home, where Kerry gets changed into her leathers and they head of out on Mark's new bike. They take a trip to the Dainese shop in Manchester, where Kerry changes her 2piece leathers for a new one piece set, UK - 26.04.07.
26.04.06 - Kerry Katona Biker Babe
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Added: 28.04.07

Westlife's Nicky Byrne and his wife Georgina Byrne leave Holles Street Maternaty Hospital in a black Range Rover after they had twin boys recently and named them Rocco and Jay. As the babies were born premature they will remain at the hospital until they reach the a healthy weight, Dublin, Ireland - 26.04.07.
26.04.06 - Nicky & Georgina Byrne Leave Holles Street
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Added: 28.04.07

Singer Brian McFadden spotted entering the Mansion House ahead of the TV NOW Awards driving his latest toy, a Cadillac Escalade, and carrying his guitar case, Dublin, Ireland - 21.04.07.
21.04.07 - Brian McFadden Drives to Mansion House
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Added: 23.04.07

EXCLUSIVE ALLROUND: Singer Brian McFadden arrives at The Tubridy Show with girlfriend Delta Goodrem driving a new Cadillac Escalade. Brian was on the show to debut his new single
14.04.07 - Brian McFadden, Delta Goodrem & Joanna Lumley Tubridy Show
13 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 17.04.07

EXCLUSIVE ALLROUND: Sinead O'Connor's new house in Bray. The House was withdrawn at Auction and later sold to her for 1.9 million Euro according to a local estate agent. A neighbour told us that this is the same house that local girl Gillian Bishop was murdered in the garden of on Halloween night in the early 1990s, apparently she was strangled and choked with a pound coin. Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland - 31.03.07.
31.03.07 - Sinead O'Connor's New House in Bray
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Added: 01.04.07

Kerry Katona shows her new baby Heidi Elizabeth to a car dealer, after bringing home a wedding present for her new husband Mark Croft - a brand new Porsche, Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK - 14.03.07.
14.03.07 - Kerry's New Porsche & New Baby
4 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 14.03.07

EXCLUSIVE ALLROUND: All is Quiet on New Years Day: A lone Garda stands outside closed pub The George after a Christmas tree fire on the premises at their New Years Eve Party, Georges St, Dublin, Ireland - 01.01.07.
01.01.07 - The George New Years Eve Fire
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Added: 04.01.07

Bono of U2 Arrives on a taxi motorbike to Abbey Road studios where The Edge & Rick Ruben are signing autographs for their fans, London, England - 20.09.06.
20.09.06 - Bono Arrives at Studio on Motorbike
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Added: 20.09.06

The Lights May be On But There's No One Home at Dublin's Stringfellows Strip Club after liquidators were called in after the plush venue went bust recently, Dublin, Ireland - 29.07.06.
29.07.06 - Stringfellows Lights Still On in Closed Club
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Added: 31.07.06

Dubliner Fran Cosgrave pictured leaving the launch party for Living TV's new series,
12.07.06 - Fran Cosgrave & Girl on Motorbike
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Added: 17.07.06

EXCLUSIVE ALLROUND: Westlife's Nicky Byrne shows his ex-band mate Brian McFadden, his wife Georgina and some friends a valuable framed genuine Kenny Dalglish No 7 Liverpool Jersey before their 5-a-side football match at Portmarnock Sport & Leisure Centre, Dublin, Ireland - 22.06.06.
22.06.06 - Nicky Byrne Shows McFadden Dalglish Shirt
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Added: 24.06.06

Irish Actor Pierce Brosnan looks like he's developing a beer-belly - spotted getting his Aston Martin detailed at the Malibu Car Wash, Malibu, USA. 27.05.06.
27.05.06 - Brosnan takes Aston Martin to Carwash
4 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 30.05.06

JFK's brother Ted Kennedy and his son Ted Kennedy Jr. with Ted Jr.'s wife Kiki Kennedy on the dock as they prepare for the Fagawi Sail Boat Race between Hyannisport and Nantucket, Massachusetts near the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis, USA - 27.05.06.
27.05.06 - Ted Kennedy & Son Go Boating
6 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 30.05.06

Kerry Katona and fiancee Mark Croft pick up their new car: a second hand Range Rover Discovery 3. They traded in their Range Rover Vogue as part of the deal. They then go to Kerry's mum to show her the new car and Mark takes his 'mother in law' out for a test drive, Warrington, UK - 28.04.06.
28.04.06 - Kerry & Fiancee Buy New Car
4 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 29.04.06

Kerry Katona out in her home town of Warrington, going to the cash card machine and then getting a bottle of Friji from the local shop. She then drove off in her BMW Z4 with a expired tax disc, Warrington, UK - 10.04.06.
10.04.06 - Kerry Katona with Expired Tax Disc
6 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 11.04.06

Exterior Shots of Peter Stringfellow's new Dublin lapdaning club on Parliment Street which is due to open at the beginning of February 2006, Dublin, Ireland - 17.01.06.
17.01.06 - Stringfellows Exterior Before Photos
4 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 18.01.06

Soon-to-be-Wed Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron celebrated her 30th birthday (DOB: 07.08.1975) with a relaxed party at her & Irish fiancee Stewart Townsend's plush Malibu beach house with some friends, California, USA. 06.08.05.
06.08.05 - Charlize Theron 30th Birthday
4 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 09.08.05

Pierce Brosnan picks up his son from school in style as he drives up in his silver Aston-Martin valued at 250,000 dollars. Malibu, Ca, USA 14.04.05.
14.04.05 - Brosnan Drives son in style
3 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 16.04.05

EXCLUSIVE: Former Ireland goalkeeper and now Irish goalkeeping coach Packie Bonner gets into his Alfa Romeo car near The Merrion Hotel, Dublin, Ireland April 09 2005.
09.04.05 - Packie Bonner Alfa Romeo
4 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 11.04.05

EXCLUSIVE: Andrea Corr gets into her SLK parked on double yellow lines with a mystery man outside the Merrion Hotel and Government Buildings, Dublin, Ireland April 05 2005.
05.04.05 - Andrea Corr Double Parks
4 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 07.04.05

A view of Bono's house looking up from Killiney Bay, Dublin, Ireland March 31 2005.
31.03.05 - Bono's House Killiney
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Added: 31.03.05

Irish celebs join Linders Lotus and Mondello Park DRIVE in aid of the Tsunami disaster victims funds raised will be given to Habitat for Humanity a housing charity, Modello, Dublin, Ireland March 25 2005. Winners: 1st George McMahon, 2nd Conor Lenihan TD, 3rd Glenda Gilson and 4th Amanada Brunker. Also there Tamara Gervasoni,  Marisa Mackel and Tara Flynn.
25.03.05 - Irish Stars Race for Charity
8 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 26.03.05

TV Presenter Dermot O'Leary in a Black Ferrari Spider, Belfast, Northern Ireland March 13 2005. EXCLUSIVE - ALL ROUNDER...
13.03.05 - Dermot O'Leary Ferrari
5 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 15.03.05

The Edge's Vintage Green Mercedes-Benz Car gets lifted for illegal parking at The Clarence Hotel, Dublin, Ireland 20 March 2002. EXCLUSIVE...
20.03.02 - The Edge's Vintage Mercedes
4 Pictures in this Set.
Added: 08.03.05

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